Keeping tools and other equipment in the home requires you to have enough space.

Most people keep them in the garage, but in many cases, there is barely enough space to park a car or move around when you need to use the equipment. That’s precisely where small outdoor storage shed comes in handy.

You might notice that you need extra space to keep your equipment, pool toys, garbage cans, and many more. An outdoor storage shed is an excellent choice in such scenarios and it can be made to complement any décor. These sheds can also be used as home offices or for keeping patio furniture. The following is a comprehensive guide on the top 10 best small outdoor storage sheds in 2023.

Best Small Outdoor Storage Sheds – Top List

10. LIFETIME 60075 8 x 15 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed

10. LIFETIME 60075 8 x 15 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed

This outdoor storage shed is small and practical. The shelves are customizable so that you can store more items and of different sizes. A sturdy steel-reinforced wall has been incorporated to ensure that all your valuables are safe, and the high pitched roof allows you to drain snow and rain, faster. With the quality build, this storage shed will serve you for long.

The shed requires a flat surface for installation, and heavy-duty steel trusses provide additional roof surfaces. It has a low maintenance design and lockable steel-reinforced doors. This ensures that you can lock up and keep all your tools and other equipment safe.

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  • Low-maintenance
  • High-pitched roof
  • Steel-reinforced
  • Customizable shelves
  • Durable construction

9. Suncast BMS8025 Covington 481 cu. ft. Storage Shed

9. Suncast BMS8025 Covington 481 cu. ft. Storage Shed

Here’s another well-built and functional small outdoor storage shed. The sun cast Covington outdoor shed is a resin storage shed that has durable double walls. It is easy to use and is compatible with suncast shed accessories. This shed has significant storage capacity and is easy to assemble. As such, you won’t have to waste most of your precious time trying to set it up.

With a manual system, this shed is designed to meet a wide variety of your storage needs. You can store machinery and other small tools in the shed comfortably because it is constructed using sturdy resin, making it safe for use. The floors are re-enforced, and it has a shingle style roof making it stylish and also practical.


  • Easy installation
  • Double-wall resin
  • Reinforced floors
  • Sturdy
  • Stylish design

8. Keter Oakland 7.5×9 Foot Large Outdoor Storage Shed

8. Keter Oakland 7.5x9 Foot Large Outdoor Storage Shed

For optimal durability, this is the right product to purchase. Featuring a double-wall structure that is super rugged, this outdoor shed is durable and has a unique tongue groove construction. The steel reinforcement makes it sturdy, and the duotech innovation used to make the walls gives it a beautiful wooden texture. The natural look will fit and beautify any space.

Apart from that, this outdoor shed is easy to modify and is paintable and drillable. It makes it easy to customize according to the space you have, and it comes with a window and a skylight. The shed has a double opening and is easy to assemble with customizable walls.


  • Customizable walls
  • Double-wall
  • Durable construction
  • Ideal size
  • Double door

7. Allwood Solvalla | 172 SQF Garden House

7. Allwood Solvalla | 172 SQF Garden House

For those looking for a stylish and elegant storage shed, this is the real deal. This Allwood Solvalla outdoor storage shed consists of two separate structures that are connected. It takes one to two days to assemble and does not 100 square feet. You, therefore, do not need a permit to have it made in your backyard.

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Having been made from high-quality Nordic wood, this shed is durable and is strong enough to withstand any type of weather. The shed is versatile and can be used as a home office, recreation lounge, or a guest house. Minimal tools are needed for assembly, and it has a timeless design that is suited for any décor.


  • Versatile design
  • Spacious storage shed
  • Assembly guidelines
  • High-quality wood
  • Simple installation

6. Rubbermaid Storage Shed 5×2 Feet

6. Rubbermaid Storage Shed 5x2 Feet

With sturdy double-walled shed has an impact-resistant floor that protects the items from inclement weather do that they can stay safe. The shed will not rust or rot and is weather resistant and leak proof giving all the equipment and the tools in the shed protection. You can, therefore, trust this shed to securely keep your accessories.

This storage shed is easy to install and requires at least two people to put it together successfully. This weather-resistant and dent-resistant shed to protect your tools and equipment. The shelves are customizable to fit and accurately organize your belongings. The exceptional design also provides space for tall tools.


  • Customizable shelves
  • Impact-resistant
  • Leakproof
  • Double-walled design

5. KINYING Horizontal Storage Shed

5. KINYING Horizontal Storage Shed

If you want longevity, the KINYING Horizontal Storage Shed is the ideal choice for you. This multi-function storage shed is secure and safe with multiple opening directions and a flip cover that makes storing items more manageable. It is durable and is made using quality materials and thickened for extra support to prevent it from blowing away in case of a hurricane.

Besides, the shed is easy to assemble and disassemble. It comes with detailed instructions to allow you to build it and get it ready for use in two to three hours. It can be anchored to the ground quickly, and the flip cover has a support that makes it easy to get tools out of the storage.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Increased thickness
  • Convenient storage
  • Lockable
  • Multiple storages

4. Keter Factor 6×6 Large Resin Storage Shed

4. Keter Factor 6x6 Large Resin Storage Shed

If space is your issue, consider this spacious unit. The Keter Factor 6×6 Large Resin Storage Shed is large with enough storage for motorbikes, lawnmowers, patio furniture, and many more. The shelves can be adjusted to fit any kind of tool, making it easy to organize your storage space. It is light and airy with a skylight to let in natural light.

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Made from polypropylene resin plastic, this shed also has steel reinforcement to ensure that it is durable. It will not rust or peel and had adjustable brackets and two shelves to arrange tools. The floor panel is sturdy, and the doors are double to allow easy passage of large equipment.


  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy construction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Ventilations
  • Skylight

3. Keter Factor 6×3 Outdoor Storage Shed Kit

3. Keter Factor 6x3 Outdoor Storage Shed Kit

Here comes another storage shed that’s made with durability in mind. This durable outdoor storage shed is weather-resistant and UV-protected to ensure that it will not rust or peel and maintain its look. The resin construction and steel reinforcement assure the user that the shed keeps the equipment and tools safe.

With a large storage capacity, the shed is tall enough to hold long tools, and the wide doors will ensure that your equipment is easy to store. This is a versatile shed that can be used to store garden tools, furniture, and other stuff.


  • Large capacity
  • Wide doors
  • Durable
  • Resin construction
  • Easy assembly

2. Keter Store-It-Out Woodland 4.25 x 2.4 Storage Shed

2. Keter Store-It-Out Woodland 4.25 x 2.4 Storage Shed

The Keter Store-it-out storage shed is low maintenance and does not fade, rust, or unravel, making it durable. It is, therefore, a sturdy unit that guarantees long-term optimal use. The shed can be used for small tools like yard tools, pool toys, and trash cans. The wood-like texture makes it appealing and complements the look of any backyard.

Featuring built-in shelve support, the shed is easy to arrange and can fit baskets to help you keep it looking organized. A lockable latch has been included to keep your items secure, and the hydraulic pistons make it easy to open. This makes the shed easy for kids to use while accessing outdoor toys.

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  • Lockable latch
  • Weather-resistant
  • Shelve support
  • Wood-look

1. Suncast 6′ x 3′ Outdoor Storage Shed

1. Suncast 6' x 3' Outdoor Storage Shed

If you’re looking for a shed that combines durability, style, and functionality, look no further than the Suncast 6′ x 3′ Storage Shed. With enough storage space to keep long-handed tools, this storage shed is stable and can be used to hold ladders, bikes, power equipment, etc. The shed has lockable doors, and you can use a padlock to keep your tools secure and safe.

This shed has transom windows to provide natural light and to allow easy viewing of the tools inside. The outdoor shed has multi-wall panels that make it strong and stable. It also has a wood grain texture that makes it beautiful and can complement any traditional or modern design.


  • Woodgrain finish
  • Resin material
  • Shingle-style roof
  • Sturdy floor
  • Durable

Small Outdoor Storage Sheds Buying Guide

Outdoor storage sheds are essential accessories for anyone that wants to keep their tools in a safe location. These sheds offer perfect storage space without having to worry about damages. As such, you should always endeavor to have them at home. However, before making any purchase, you should consider a few key factors. Below is a comprehensive guide on the factors to consider when buying small outdoor storage sheds:


The construction material for a storage shed determines its durability. These sheds are made of different materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Wood storage sheds often come with stud-framed walls, just like standard houses. Metal storage shed feature a simple metal framework with a vinyl coating. Plastic shed feature PVC material and don’t have any coating. Therefore, choose a material that will suit your personal preferences.


The outdoor sheds are not just meant for storing things alone. Their appearance is just as vital as its usefulness. In this regard, choose a model with an elegant design that will complement the home décor and style. For people with country-style houses, you should go for models with a rustic design. However, for those with formal houses, it’s recommended to select a shed with formal features that will match your style.

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The entryway of your preferred storage shed ought to be wide. It should be large enough to accommodate different equipment. including large pieces like lawn tractors or gas snowblowers. If your shade will be situated off the ground, then you’ll have to look for ramps to access it. Therefore, consider models that allow for easy access.


Always consider sheds that are easy to set up. If you want most work to be done for you, then go for already assembled sheds. For handy people, you can still set it up by following simple instructions. Either way, consider a model that’s easy to install without having to seek assistance from professional installers.

Price and warranty

Just as it is the case with any other product, always consider your budget before making any commitment to buy a product. Don’t always go for expensive products because you can still get affordable models with the same functionality. Apart from that, the manufacturer should offer a long warranty. The warranty will give you confidence with your purchase knowing that you’re covered in case of any defects.


An outdoor shed is a great way to keep your tools and equipment if you do not have enough space in your garage. Ensure that you assemble the shed well so that you can safely store your tools. Install a lock if it has not been provided and anchor the shed firmly to the ground to keep it in place. That said, you can always trust the above-listed models for optimal performance. All these sheds are durable and made to withstand many years of constant use.


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