How To Choose a Weighted Blanket

What exactly is a weighted blanket, and is it completely dissimilar to the average blanket? Well, a weighted blanket is not completely different from other blankets we always use.

The only difference is that weighted blankets are…weighted; hence, the name. They are made heavy with glass or plastic filling. Well, some people find this extra weight very relaxing, and, to some extent, therapeutic. The extra weight also simulates a hug, which might be very crucial if you are a lone sleeper.

Since their introduction, weighted blankets have grown in popularity. Initially, people used them during winter to keep the cold at bay. However, that is not the case anymore, as today’s blankets are made of different materials such as bamboo and cotton. Some of these materials are cool to the touch, hence, allow you to use your blanket throughout the year.

It is not just the material that varies from one blanket to another but also sizing is different, depending on the blanket. There are even weighted blankets for kids, which, of course, are on the small side. Other things that are not constant in these blankets are the filling and price point. When buying a heavy blanket, you want to get all these materials right since some are of poor quality, like in the case of the fabric used.

Well, this is where the guide below on how to choose a weighted blanket comes into play.

1. Weight

The general thumb rule when it comes to choosing a weighted blanket based on weight is that you go for a brand whose weight is 10-percent of your body weight and then add 1 or 2 pounds. We do not think this is really a thumb rule but a guide to finding the perfect blanket that keeps you comfortable and warm throughout the night.

What’s more, this guide to choosing a weighted blanket based on weight is also applicable when buying a kid’s weighted blanket. Remember, a weighted blanket that is overly heavy may not serve its purpose. You are likely to find it pretty uncomfortable. The situation might be even worse if you are claustrophobic.

A very light weighted blanket is not recommended either. And this is because it will come short in keeping you warm in freezing temperatures. With that said, make sure you follow the above rule to get a blanket that is nicely weighted. For example, if you are 120 pounds, go for a blanket that weighs between 13 and 14 pounds. That is 10-percent of 120 pounds, which gives you 12 pounds. And then when you add 1 or 2 pounds, you get 13 or 14 pounds.

2. Size

Weighted blankets come in different sizes. There are small weighted blankets that are obviously designed for kids. This means if you want to keep your little one warm at night, then these small weighted blankets for kids are for you. Small-bodied adults can also use these small-sized blankets.

Moreover, there are queen-size weighted blankets and king-size weighted blankets. These blankets are perfect for those with queen or king-size beds. They are also suitable for couples that want to keep warm and cozy at night. In a nutshell, the secret to choosing a perfectly sized blanket is to know the dimensions of your bed or mattress before making a purchase. Ideally, a good blanket should cover your entire body i.e. from the neck down to the feet.

3. Fabric Type

According to, weighted blankets made of bamboo have lots of benefits. First, bamboo weighted blankets are hypoallergenic, and this means it is perfect for someone with sensitive skin. Bamboo is also eco-friendly, and this will give you peace of mind knowing that you do not have to hurt the environment to stay warm and comfortable at night.

Another cool benefit of a bamboo blanket is versatility. Bamboo does not trap heat, and it is always cool to the touch. For this reason, blankets made out of it can be used both in the summer and winter. Plus, bamboo is durable, which is great, given that most blankets it is made of tend to be costlier than other blankets made of ordinary fabrics.

Other fabrics used to make weighted blankets are cotton, satin, velvet, polyester, fleece, and flannel. Blankets made of cotton are suitable for someone that sweats a lot at night or someone going through hormonal changes like menopause. Cotton weighted blankets are also perfect for summer.

But, if you get cold easily and like to stay warm when sleeping, go for a blanket that retains heat. Blankets made of fleece or flannel are perfect for this. Velvet blankets are an excellent choice for someone looking for ultimate softness, while polyester weighted blankets are easy to care for, not to mention being very durable.

4. Filling

Just like fabric, the filling is made of different materials. That is to say, different weighted blankets have different filler types. The commonly used filler types are glass, plastic, and foam beads. Most premium blankets are made of glass beads because they are of high quality. Although these blankets may be on the expensive side, they are worth every penny.

The beads are evenly distributed inside them, which makes using them very comfortable. It is important to avoid blankets filled with cheap fillers. This is because these filler types tend to bunch up over time and get squished. These blankets may be cheap, but it is best if you leave them alone.

5. Cover

Some weighted blankets come with a cover, whereas, others do not. Those that come with a cover are highly recommended because they are cost-effective. Unless you want an extra cover, you will not have to buy one. These blankets also improve convenience, as you will be able to use them right out of the box, assuming they do not have a weird chemical smell.

Well, it is not all about picking a blanket with cover, but make sure the cover of your blanket is of decent quality. It should be soft to the touch so you can stay comfortable all night. Moreover, if you are a hot sleeper, make sure the cover of your blanket does not retain heat. Plus, you should settle on a durable cover that holds up well to frequent washing.

A cover that is machine washable is recommended because it is easy to wash. Besides, go for a blanket whose cover is resistant to stains for easy care. Also, if possible, choose a blanket whose cover does not attract lint. Remember that a good cover not only keeps your blanket clean but also can play a huge role in extending its lifespan.

6. Overall Quality

Choosing the right material, the right filler type, and even the right cover is a step in the right direction as far as settling on a durable blanket is concerned. But, you may also want your blanket to be well stitched so it can withstand the rigors of everyday use during winter. Although the price of good quality blankets is on the high side, it is worth it.

This is because these blankets are very durable and can be used for years to come. So, whether you are looking for a weighted blanket for kids or one for adults, pay close attention to how well it is made and whether this plays a role in its durability.

7. The Price

Although we have mentioned several times that a good blanket is expensive, this is not always the case. Some weighted blankets are well designed and even come with a cover. They are also well-sized in the sense that they cover the body beautifully. Better yet, these blankets are very affordable.

One thing though, good and reasonably priced blankets may not be so easy to find. So, be prepared to carry out a little research. It is also worth noting that weighted blankets by popular brands tend to be more expensive than those made by other less known manufacturers.


A weighted blanket is a good purchase, especially if you like to be hugged while asleep. The gentle weight it puts on you is very relaxing and no doubt helps improve sleep. When using a heavy blanket, make sure you pay attention to safety. For instance, ensure the weight of your blanket is 10-percent of your body weight plus 1 or 2 pounds. You should also focus on buying a good blanket made of material that stays cool during summer and warm in winter.



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