Kitchen Pendant Lighting

One reason why kitchen pendant lighting is popular is that it is very versatile. There is accent lighting whose primary role is to improve décor.

Also, there is task lighting designed to focus light on a specific area. And then there is pendant lighting that does both.

Pendant lighting is available in various styles, including modern and industrial styles. So, regardless of the décor of your kitchen, expect to find the one that fits seamlessly and complements it.

Besides, most, if not all, modern pendants are equipped with a dimmer switch to allow you to control the brightness.

If this lighting has won you over and you are thinking of installing one in your kitchen, this article is for you.

Here, we tell you about which pendant lights are best for your kitchen. We also take you through how you can make them look gorgeous in the kitchen and become a great compliment.

Tips for Kitchen Pendant Lighting

1. Check the Size and Number of Pendant Lights Needed

Check the Size and Number of Pendant Lights Needed

The aim here is to greatly improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. And too many pendant fixtures in your kitchen might ruin the whole thing. Therefore, you may want to get the perfect size and number of pendant lights so they are not too crowded or overly scattered in your kitchen.

That being said, the first thing you should do before getting pendant lights is to measure the size of your kitchen. Since these lights look really amazing over a kitchen island, it is advisable that most of your focus be put here.

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Most people prefer three pendant lights and with a good reason. First, three fit over most kitchen islands perfectly. That is, they do not look too crowded nor do they look too scattered. Three pendant lights also produce nice illumination while making your kitchen look super beautiful.

In case you are unsure about the number of pendant lights you need for your kitchen island, we advise that you settle on three. But also, make sure you are aware of the size of each pendant light. That is to say, the three you are going for are standard size.
If you find large pendant lights amazing, you may need to go for two. Similarly, if you find small pendant lights cute and suitable for your kitchen, you may want to settle on four.

2. Focus on the Material & Style

2. Focus on the Material & Style

Pendants are made of different materials, and they come in a wide range of styles. This means finding one that blends seamlessly with your kitchen décor is pretty easy. Some of the materials pendants are made of are glass, metal, and woven fabric.

Pendant lights made of chrome and glass should be a frontier for you if your kitchen features a modern or urban style. On the other hand, those with woven or industrial-themed shades fit beautifully in farmhouse-style kitchens.

So, in summary, you may like a particular style of pendant light. But if it does not match your kitchen décor or go with other fixtures in your kitchen, it is best if you leave it alone. A wrong pendant might compromise the look of your kitchen.

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3. Consider the Features & Brightness

3. Consider the Features & Brightness

Some pendants have retractable cords, and they are highly recommended. This is because they provide more lighting options. For example, you can retract the light if you want a more diffused illumination throughout the kitchen, or pull it close for other activities.

Also, some pendant lights have built-in LEDs. Well, these pendants are normally not recommended since you cannot replace the aforesaid LEDs. Luckily, there are others that are the total opposite. Their globes feature E27 Edison screws; meaning you can replace the bulb in case they are dead. These types of pendant lights are highly recommended because you will be able to use them even after the initial bulbs have burnt out.

Another benefit you get when you invest in such pendants is that you can replace the bulb with the one that perfectly meets your needs. Studies show that the color temperature of good kitchen pendant lights should range from 3000K – 4000K. And when your pendant light has a replaceable bulb, expect to achieve that without any hassle.

Additionally, go for pendant lights that are compatible with a dimmer switch. This provides you with the option to select the perfect ambiance for any occasion. For instance, when having an intimate dinner, you can dim the light, or brighten it when carrying out a more demanding task in the kitchen.

4. Do not forget the Globe Type

4. Do not forget the Globe Type

The two most common globes of pendant lights are a carbon filament globe and an LED filament globe.

A carbon filament globe does not put out as much light as an LED filament globe. However, it is perfect for when you want to create a stunning mood in your kitchen.

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An LED filament globe, on the other hand, is very bright, and, therefore, excellent for carrying out various tasks in the kitchen. If you think you will find the LED filament globe too glaring, you can consider equipping your pendant with a dimmer switch to help control the brightness.

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5. Installation & Positioning should be Spot On

5. Installation & Positioning should be Spot On

Now you have your ideal pendant fixture (s). The only thing remaining is to hang it over the kitchen island, and then your space will be hugely transformed. Well, installing or hanging a pendant light is as important as getting the best kitchen pendant light.

Get it wrong and everything you have worked so hard for might come down in shambles. For this reason, if you are really not into installing things, we advise that you hire a professional to do it for you. You will spend money, but, at least, your dream of having a beautiful kitchen will come true.

Nonetheless, if you are a DIY enthusiast and something tells you that you can do it, then go ahead and do it. After all, you will acquire a new skill in the process.

Assuming you decide to do the installation on your own, the first thing you must consider is the perfect place to position your pendants. This is very important because once you have done it; there is no undoing, like in the case of the height, where you can adjust.

As a general rule, you should hang your pendants 12 – 20 inches below an 8ft ceiling. The rule further states that for every additional foot of ceiling, you should add three inches. For example, if your kitchen ceiling is 9 feet, you should hang your pendants between 15 and 23 inches.

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You can also measure the pendant height from the surface below the light. According to, you should provide 30 – 36 inches clearance above countertops and tables. Moreover, you should pay attention to the sightlines and make sure the length of the chain is adjusted accordingly.

Plus, when hanging pendant lights, make sure they do not interfere with the view across your kitchen.


Kitchen pendant lighting is loved for its versatility. It improves the décor of the kitchen and, at the same time, provides great illumination. However, before you invest in a kitchen pendant light, there are a few tips you should know.

These are selecting the perfect size of pendant light for your kitchen. The style should also be spot on. And, when hanging pendant lights, consider the general rule, which states that pendant lights should be hung 12 – 20 inches below an 8ft ceiling.



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